9 Best Cold Air Intakes of 2022 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best cold air intake kit for your car? Check out our in-depth review and buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision!

10 Best Cold Air Intakes

If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance, a cold air intake is a great place to start. Not only will it make your engine run more efficiently, but it can also give you a bit of a boost in power.

In this article, we’ll take a look at nine of the best cold air intakes on the market right now and help you choose the one that’s right for you. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs. So, whether you’re a car enthusiast or just looking for a way to improve your vehicle’s performance, read on for all the information you need!

The Best Cold Air Intake kits in 2022

ProductPipe MaterialModelPrice
Volant 151536 PowerCorePlasticChevy, GM, Cadillac 4.8/5.3/6.0L Check Price
Airaid 451-328 MXPPlasticFord Mustang GT 5.0 V8 2015-2017 Check Price
Injen SP1902PAluminumNissan Juke 1.6L 11-13 Check Price
Spec-D AFC-ACD98-KMAluminumHonda Accord 2.3 98-02 Check Price
S&B Filters 75-5068PlasticDodge Ram 2500 & 3500 6.7L Check Price
DC Sports CAI4105AluminumMazda 3 & 5 Check Price
HPS Air Intake Kit 27-165SLAluminumMazda 2.0 & 2.3L Check Price
K&N Performance 63-1561PlasticDodge RAM 5.7 V8 Check Price
Spectre Performance 9900AluminumGM, Chevrolet, Cadillac Check Price

1. Spectre Performance 9900 Cold Air Intake Kit

GM Trucks 99-07

Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake 9900

If you happen to own a GM truck of the year from 1999 to 2007, then you might like this cold air intake kit. Spectre has got in store just the perfect cold air intake system that will make your truck roar even louder.  The best thing about the Spectre filter is that its quality is as high as some of the most expensive brands and their products in the market. So you can actually save a lot of money by getting this one if you have the appropriate vehicle to get it fitted in.

The filter included in this kit is of great quality and there is no way that any dirt or even tiny particles will get beyond the filter in your engine. Also, it has heat protection so that the heat from the engine doesn’t damage the filter as its being driven.

Similarly, this kit is easy to install and would take about half an hour to properly install it in your car so that you can get on with testing it. But wait, what if you don’t have a GM truck? Not to worry. These kits can be modified a little to be used with some Cadillacs and Chevrolets but it’s better to check the car’s year and engine model before buying. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this one:

  • Low Price compared with a lot of other kits on the market.
  • Available in multiple colours.
  • Can be modified into other cars with ease.
  • Pre-oiled & the filter can be rewashed and reoiled
  • Contains a high-quality porous filter which will catch all the dust and let your engine have only fresh and clean air.
  • Includes Black powder covered Heat shield
  • Can be installed in just half an hour because it doesn’t have many components to work with.
  • The aluminum pipe can heat up the intake temperature a bit
  • The aluminum can store heat and may become hot in  the engine bay, watch your hands!

Check Price on Amazon

2. K&N Performance 63-1561 Cold Air Intake Kit

Dodge RAM 5.7 V8

K&Amp;N Performance Air Intake Kit

K&N is one of the world’s best air intake and air filters in the market. This definitely makes them one of the finest choices for picking up a cold air intake system and all kinds of engine air filters. This kit is designed for the Dodge RAM 5.7 litre engine. Make sure to check the specification at the link so you buy the right cold air intake filter for your car. K&N provides a high-quality kit with a very good filter that will make a good combo for your car

One thing to note about this product is the build quality. Since its K&N, high quality is called for. The company claims that the system can go without service for up to a good 100,000 miles. That’s a lot before you need to clean the car’s filter again. After that, you can wash and re-oil your air filter and use it even longer.

K&N won’t disappoint you when it comes to quality and performance. They are the biggest line up of different car products and air intake systems are one of them. Their products will transform your car. From performance to the air intake and throttle response, everything shall be upgraded when you have K&N kits installed in your car. Their products may be expensive but provide exactly what they claim so rest assured.

Go for this if you have the buying capacity and want to go for a solid and quality air intake system.

  • Extremely durable and sturdy which is expected from K&N
  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Improves engine sound
  • 10-20 Horsepower Gain on 5.7 Hemi V8
  • Can be installed very easily. It should take no more than 2 hours to completely install this kit and test it out.
  • Lasts over 100.000 miles and the filter is washable after that.
  • This kit is designed for the particular Dodge RAM 5.7 (But can be modified)
  • The price is a bit high

Check Price on Amazon

3. HPS Cold Air Intake Kit 27-165BL

Mazda 2.0 & 2.3

Hps 27 165Bl Shortram

This is another well-performing cold air intake system which is made specifically for Mazda cars. HPS 27 165BL is a kit for your Mazda for the 2.0 and 2.3L engines in the years between 2003 to 2009. Their aim with this intake model is to work with Mazda models from the year 2003 to 2009 because of the right fitting and high performance. You’ll probably immediately feel a significant boost in performance after you get this kit installed in your Mazda engine.

This is a one-piece unit which makes it a whole lot easy to install. It’s made from high quality and sturdy materials so don’t worry about the quality at all. It is also lightweight but contains aluminium piping to deliver the air to the engine seamlessly and keep it cool while at it. There is a special adapter to install the mass air flow sensor with ease.

With the price and features, you’ve got here a well-made and well-performing air intake system. Overall, this is a great product that may dramatically improve your Mazda’s performance by 5-15 horsepowers. Here are some features and pros of this one:

  • Uses high-quality materials to deliver top class performance.
  • Increases Horsepower & Torque
  • Improves the engine sound
  • Since it’s in a single piece, very easy to install.
  • Good install instructions with clear pictures
  • Extremely durable and sturdy in quality and will have your car drive for 100,000 miles before the filter needs any cleaning.
  • Contains aluminum which can absorb heat and warm the intake air up a bit

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4. DC Sports CAI4105 Cold Air Intake Kit

Mazda 3 & 5

Dc Sports Cai4105

Heres another good air intake system you might like if you are a Mazda owner. If the performance upgrade is what you are looking for that also improve the throttle response and makes your car seemingly fast, then go get this kit for your car. The DC Sports CAI4105 is an easy kit that works well with a variety of cars, especially Mazda models.

What you get with the kit is a pipe for the intake, a high-quality filter and other attachment parts like screws and clamps. It may consist of many parts and look bare bone but upon testing it on a car, it showed good results. This air filter kit comes with an aluminium pipe, which is liked by some people, but not liked by others because of the small increase of the intake air temperature created from it, and the fact that it can become hot inside the engine bay when you are working with your engine.

This filter kit is made for Mazda 3 & 5 with the years between 2004-2009 and is very easy to customize to make it fit other car models. Overall, it’s a good enough cold air intake system you can get for your Mazda for such a price. Taking a look at the pros and cons, we have:

  • No complications in installation as it contains basic parts of an intake system like the filter.
  • Street legal in 50 states in the US.
  • Improves Horsepower & Torque & Engine sound
  • A high quality and powerful filter included which will efficiently filter the dirty air.
  • Dyno-tested to get the highest performance out of it.
  • Easily maintainable as you’ll only need to keep checking the filter and clean it and re-oil it when needed.
  • The installation is easy but takes a little time as it contains a lot of small parts to work with.’
  • Aluminum pipe may increase the intake air temperature a bit

Check Price on Amazon

5. S&B Filters 75-5068 Cold Air Intake Kit

Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 6.7L

S&Amp;B Filters 75-5068

A remarkable cold air intake kit, the S&B 75-5068 is made with the intentions to be used with Dodge cars from the year 2013-2018. The looks of the system itself are just amazing and look awesome in the engine bay. The best thing about this kit is that it multiplies the air flow as S&B claims that this kit improves the air flow and intake to about 55% which boosts the overall performance of the engine and improves the throttle response as well. You will also get a louder engine sound with this kit(Some likes it, some don’t).

The filter is also made of a good quality material and does its job good by catching even the finest dust particles in the air which is what clogs up filters in the car. So you no longer have to worry about dirty air getting past its filter.

It will at most, take an hour to remove your old intake system and replace it with this one. Some cars with similar kits are Ford F series, Dodge Ram 1500 and 3500, Toyota trucks and others which you can find on Amazon. The price of this one can be slightly higher than the rest on the list but rest assured, for a car such as Dodge, this kit will back up the performance of it.
Some pros and cons of this one:

  • Can be installed very easily as it contained only a few attachment points.
  • Contains a powerful and high-quality filter which will give your engine cleaner air.
  • Great fit in the engine bay
  • Premium silicone parts
  • Designed to avoid Check Engine lights(Which can appear with cheaper kits)
  • Boosts engine performance significally.
  • Unfortunately, this kit is limited in use with the 6.7 2500 & 3500 in the years 2013-2018 if you do not want to modify it.
  • The kit is difficult to modify to make it fit with other models.
  • The product is not the cheapest one.

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6. Spec-D AFC-ACD98-KM Cold Air Intake Kit

Honda Accord 2.3L

Spec D Tuning Afc Acd98 Km

If you are a Honda accord owner with the 2.3 litres engine and the year between 98-02 and you are looking for a cheaper alternative, this could be the kit for you. Designed for the popular Honda Accord line, the Spec-D Tuning AFC-ACD98-KM is a pleasing, easy-to-set-up kit.

The pros about this kit is that it’s really easy to install and you should be able to do it within an hour withour problems. All neccessary parts are included like the filter, aluminum pipes, silicone hoses and other required parts. The aluminum pipes can be both a con or pro depending on what you like. Polished aluminum pipes creates a great looking finish in the engine bay, but it can increase the intake temperature a bit and create heat in the engine bay.

Overall it’s a very basic kit, but it does the job it’s supposed to do, but we thought that the filter could be of a bit better quality. Here are some pros and cons about the product.

  • Includes all required parts for an easy installation
  • The price is really low
  • Increase Performance & Engine Sound
  • 30 days money back guarantee & 90 days limited warranty
  • Meet or even exceed OEM requiredments
  • The quality of the filter itself could be higher
  • Aluminum pipes can increase the intake temperature a bit.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Injen SP1902P Cold Air Intake Kit

Nissan Juke 1.6L

Injen Cold Air Intake

If you are an owner of a Nissan Nuke 1.6 Litres from 2013 and up, this kit should absolutely be a choice for you. Injen is a brand well known with vehicle parts and automotive market. It’s one of the best aftermarket brands with high-quality equipment for your car so that the money spent is worth it. Injen’s cold air intake systems are designed to improve the air flow to the engine while providing it with cold air to boost the performance even more. Dense air is what your car wants and what it is going to get when you have this kit installed. This provides more oxygen in the air and the performance goes up like that.

So when you buy this kit by Injen, rest assured that your engine performance will show improvements immediately and you’ll feel your car flying. Investing in this system will provide you with other benefits too besides just providing cold air. This system will help prevent the chrome steel from rusting and corroding. And the silicone hoses inside are good are resisting heat so you don’t have to worry about heat ruining them. These hoses are flexible and let in the air smoothly without causing much heat. This is the reason for your engine getting cooler air inside.

The kit itself is really easy to install and are installed in under 30 minutes and the fitting is great and you don’t have to modify any parts around it to get a perfect fit. The horsepower and torque gain will be around 10 of each and will for sure be noticeable.

Coming to the structure of Injen’s air intake system, the structure is solid and the whole system is rather well made and looks high quality. It doesn’t only look high quality but delivers what it shows too. Some high-class materials are used in the making of this product and this kit proves to be a good long-term investment in your car. It’s tough and durable and fits perfectly without rattling under the good. Plus, it’s also lightweight so that it doesn’t put too much load in the engine bay which may be worth a lot to people that are chasing weight on their race-car.

  • Increases Horsepower by ~10 and torque ~10.
  • Great fitting & Easy to install
  • Increases Throttle response
  • High-Quality Pipes & Filter
  • Installed in under 30 minutes
  • The price is a bit high, but hey, you get what you pay for.
  • Aluminum pipes, which can cause the intake air temperature to increase sligthly(Probably not noticeable)

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8. Airaid 451-328 MXP Cold Air Intake Kit

Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 2015-2017

Airaid 451-328 Mxp

The Airaid 451-328 MXP also one of the great choices for a cold air intake system you can have for your car. It is worth noting that Airaid’s 451-328 is designed especially for the Ford GT vehicles. This kit on the link is produced for the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 engine from the years between 2015-2017. It’s because it will perform exceptionally with Ford cars and would show immediately and clear results in terms of performance, air intake, and quality

It features a streamlined air box containing funnels in them for the cold air to go through. That also cools the warm air inside it. It has a high quality and solid filter which will catch most dirt and debris in the atmosphere and provide your car with fresh and clear air without choking the filter.
This kit will undoubtedly increase the throttle response in your Ford and make it perform even better.

The product fits nicely with Fords as they are made especially for them. It includes double piping and looks good under the hood. Performance, wise, there will be no doubt in your mind after you get this fitted in your vehicle. The money spent on this is well worth it. Cars with powerful engines benefit more with this kit.

Some of the features and pros of this product are:

  • A high quality and worthy product to be installed in your Ford.
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be installed in your car easily. Just remove the old system and replace it with this one
  • Your engine will gain substantially a lot of power, with greater acceleration and throttle response.
  • The filter can be rewashed & re-oiled after use so that your car keeps getting fresh air
  • Cannot be used in California due to some rules and regulations.

Check Price on Amazon

9. Volant 151536 PowerCore Cold Air Intake Kit

Chevrolet & GM & Cadillac 4.8/5.3/6.0L

Volant Cold Air Intake Systems

If you want some sound upgrade along with fresh and cool air for your Chevy, GM or Cadillac 2001-2006 with the 4.8/5.3/6.0L engine, the Volant cold air intake system will give you that. The sound of the air being sucked in is preferred cool by lots of car fanatics and enthusiasts. Their cold air intakes are more suited for heavy vales and SUVs but can be used with smaller cars too.

Out of many brands in the market, this one stands due to its high quality and results. It doesn’t just draw in cool air but also increases the car’s performance, throttle response and makes it fly. The air box is well made and nicely packed so that there is no leakage of air. Also, its high-quality steel clamps don’t lose their shine and grips the box closed tightly. With its properly insulated air box, rest assured that hot engine air won’t be able to penetrate the air box and won’t mess with the cooler air flow. The price may be a bit high for some people, but, the quality is delivered by Volant so you don’t need to think twice before getting this for your car or SUV.

Some of Volant’s pros and cons are:

  • A well-insulated and protective air box
  • Improves the throttle response & fuel economy
  • Custom design for different cars and models to fit
  • Complies and may even exceed with OEM engine parts
  • Contains high performance and high-quality silicon connectors
  • Contains high-grade steel clamps
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Provides a 1-year warranty
  • Not legal in California
  • Price is a bit high for some people.

Check Price on Amazon

Cold Intake Air Filter FAQs & Buyer’s Guide

Why should you get one cold air intake kit for your car?

So why should you purchase a cold air intake system in the first place? To know why you’ll want to understand how your engine works. An inner combustion engine works by means of using the combustion technique to turn the pistons. It does this by drawing in fuel and air, then the usage of a spark plug (in case of gasoline engines) to ignite the mixture. This is what generates the pressure that pushes your car forward.

To perform the horsepower in an engine, you need two things. Get more fuel and air through the engine. One way to do this is to open the breathing of the engine to make it able to suck in more air which results in the injectors are injecting more fuel = More horsepower in your engine.

Other than boosting the horsepower and torque, you will also get a greater sound from the intake on your engine when installing a cold air intake kit. This may be appreciated by some but not by others, so you should take in mind that your engine will become a bit louder than before. In a lot of cases, you will also get an increased fuel efficiency when you open the breathing to the engine on low loads. Of course, it will make the fuel economy higher on acceleration because the higher air and fuel amount injected in the engine, but on lower RPM’s you can actually see an increase because the engine does not have to work as high to push your vehicle forward.

Can I modify the cold air intake kit for other models?

Everything is possible, but I would actually recommend getting the right filter model for your car. Some kits include aluminium pipes, and these can be modified if you have an aluminium welder or want to modify it yourself with more silicone hosings. Other filter kits include plastic houses, which can be even more difficult to modify if you do not want to use silicone hoses. So, my conclusion is that it’s always easier to find a cold air intake kit that is made for your car. It will probably get cheaper in the end also.

Things to look for before purchasing a cold air intake kit

There are some things that are especially necessary to look for before purchasing your cold air intake kit the get the most value out of it and to make you satisfied with your purchase. Here are the most common things to look for before purchase:

Oil or Dry filter

This is a pretty common question we get, should you get an oil or dry air filter? Which is the best? The first thing you should check for is if you have a mass air flow sensor on your car. Oiled filters can leak oil into the mass air flow sensor and damage it if you are unlucky. The mass air flow sensor is often located between the filter and the engine and some cars do have a MAP sensor instead of a MAF sensor. Therefore, if you have a mass air flow sensor, I do recommend you to get a Dry filter for your vehicle if possible to make sure you do not risk to damage the MAF sensor. The pros of the oiled filters are the filtration and the ability to clean it and re-use it several times over a long period of time. Oiled filters do most often not have to ever been replaced if not damaged.

Aluminium or Plastic pipes

This question can be a bit hard to answer, as you will get different answers depending on who you ask. From my perspective, it does not really matter that much. A lot of people claim that the aluminium pipes will cause a bit higher air intake temperature, which in my opinion are just slightly and you won’t notice a difference. Plastic pre-made pipes are often more expensive but it does often look good in the engine bay if you are looking for an OEM look. Aluminium pipes can also get hot and may be irritating if you are going the do any job under the hood when the engine is hot.

All included parts

Double check and make sure that you get all the necessary parts to install the kit on your cars. Some cold air intake kits do not include the filter and it has to be purchased separately. Always make sure you get both the filter, pipes, silicone hoses and other parts with the kit before your purchase.

Filter replacement

Check how often the filter for the kit has to be replaced. A lot of kits in this list are washable and you should never have to be replaced. But if the filter has to be replaced within specified miles, check and make sure that there is a possibility to buy the filter separately, so you do not have to buy the whole kit again. It may even be worth buying several filters for your kit if you have to replace it often.


The last thing is this list is to consider the price of the cold air intake kit. You do not want to buy the cheapest kit because it may be harder to fit and the filter may not be as good as the more expensive ones, which can result in dirt flowing into your engine and damage it which can result in high repair costs. But I do understand, you do not most likely want to spend thousands of dollars on an air filter and pipes, so find a budget that is suitable for you and purchase a kit in the price range on what you want to spend.

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