10 Best Rust Converters of 2022 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Let us help you find the best rust converter for your needs. Our experts have reviewed several products and ranked them based on price, performance, and quality.

10 Best Rust Converters

Prolong the life of your favorite tool or vehicle by preventing it from rusting. Metals rust easily due to being exposed to harsh weather elements.

If you have workshop tools, you should ensure that no red residue forms on them since they may not give you the services you may want once rusting occurs. Thankfully, you can prevent this by using the best rust converter.

The market presents a liquid primer known as a rust converter, which contains ingredients that can deal with rusted surfaces. The components in rust converters include an organic polymer and tannic acid. This acid forms a chemical reaction with the rust to convert it into iron tannate. Organic polymer, on the other hand, gives the surface a protective primer layer preventing further corrosion.

As you shop for a rust converter, you may have a challenge identifying the best brand since the options are numerous. We can, however, simplify this by discussing some of the brands that you should consider.

We will also share insights on how you should choose the best rust converters before ending our discussion. Enjoy!

The Best Rust Converters in 2022

Black Star Check Price1 gallon4.4/5
Corroseal Check Price5 gallon4.4/5
Black star aerosol Check Price13 ounces4.4/5
Gempler's RCQ Check Price2.4 pounds4.6/5
One step primer sealer Check Price 10 oz.4.1/5
Plastikote Check Price8 oz4.2/5
Permatex Check Price11.1 pounds4.2/5
Rustzilla Check Price8 ounces4.5/5
Evapo-Rust Check Price1 gallon4.2/5
FDC Ultra Check Price1 gallon4.5/5

1. Black Star Rust Converter

Supports Most Metal Surfaces

Best Rust Converter

Get a rust converter that eliminates the need for labor-intensive processes such as sandblasting or sanding a surface. This rust converter makes use of 21st technology which can convert rust into resin coating. You can even use it on a surface that is corroded heavily.

What makes this rust converter one of the best in the market is that it prevents re-rusting once applied on metal. It is a durable rust converter that you can use on different surfaces with ease. It even works in severe weather conditions. Whether you are applying it on the surface of your car during rain or snow, this rust converter can stick to the corroded area and eliminate it efficiently.

It is a product that has gone through numerous tests and has been proven to be effective. Feel free to use Black Star on any metallic material, including sheds, roofs, buildings, fences, and even automobiles. A gallon of this substance can cover about 500 square feet.

It works by changing the rust on your surface into a black substance that you can easily wipe out. What remains is a black substance which ensures that the surface does not corrode again. If you apply a Black star on the surface of your car, you can paint the black surface to match the initial color of the paint. Before you use this rust converter, ensure you get some protective mask and gloves since it has a strong scent and can harm the skin.


  • 21 technology
  • Volume: 1 gallon

What we liked

  • It works fast and efficiently
  • Gives the surface a protective coating
  • Can be used on various metal surfaces

2. Corroseal Rust Converter

Water-Based Formula

Rust Converter

This rust converter comes in various sizes to fulfill the needs of different consumers. You can choose a small size bottle or go for even five gallons depending on the task at hand. If you have a one time job, you should choose the one- quart size. A small amount of this substance can go a long way. The manufacturer reveals that about 8ml can cover up to 200 feet per gallon.

Many users like the fact that they only have to apply Corroseal once since it tends to spread to surrounding areas reducing the effect of rust. Once you use this rust converter on corroded metal, it leaves a primed surface behind. You can clean away the residue with water and soap after application.

Feel free to paint on this surface to blend with the color of your metal.  Since it acts fast, you don’t have to wait for long before you can seal or repaint the surface. Corroseal rust converter is versatile since it can be used in marine, household, industrial, and automotive.

You need a paint-brush or a roller for you to apply this rust converter on the surface. If you don’t want any risk of skin contact, you can use a spray gun instead. The instrument that you pick also depends on the volume and density of the exact area you are working on.

If you choose to spray it, ensure you prevent yourself from inhaling it since the chemicals in it are dangerous. Ensure you wear long sleeves and gloves during use to protect your hands since it can take some time to come off from your skin if it is misapplied.


  • Water-based formula
  • It is non-flammable

What we liked

  • It is easy to use
    You can use different instruments to apply it
  • It spreads to other surrounding areas

3. Black star aerosol Rust Converter

User-Friendly & Simple To Use

Latest Rust Converter

The manufacturer of the Black Star rust converter came up with this product, which is an aerosol form designed for small spaces. When you purchase black star aerosol, you will not need an extra sprayer tool for you to apply the converter.

This spray can get rid of corrosion with even coverage. It ensures that a surface does not continue rusting and prepares it for painting. Using this aerosol spray on a surface converts the surface into solid. It leads to black or dark brown tints which you can cover after application. If the original color of the metal surface was light, you might need to paint it more than once to achieve a good effect.

You can use Black star aerosol as a primer or apply it as the final coat on the rusted surface. After the conversion process is complete, you can apply other products on it, such as epoxies or solvents. You can also use urethane to cover up the rust converter. You should, however, give the surface enough time to dry before applying these products after the rust converter.

If you work on a farm with tools that are susceptible to corrosive elements such as gasoline or pesticides, you need this rust converter to prevent them from rusting. This can save you on the cost of having to replace rusted equipment regularly.

You can use it on grain bin, trailers, metal shed, automobiles and even roofs made of metal. The problem with this product is that it comes in small quantities, meaning you may need to buy more than one spray if you have a large project.


  • Quantity: 13 ounces

What we liked

  • It is user-friendly
  • The spray is also versatile
  • Ideal for confined spaces

4. Gempler’s RCQ Rust Converter

Eco-friendly Rust Converter

New Rust Converter

Steel and iron are known to rust fast when exposed to harsh weather conditions. You can, however, reduce this effect by using an effective rust converter. While most of the products contain dangerous chemicals, Gempler’s RCQ claims to be eco-friendly. It is a water-based rust converter that does not harm the environment.

You can use this product on almost anything, including vehicles, tanks, and workshop tools. If you have an antique investment that you would like to maintain for long, you can apply this rust converter without worrying about damaging it.

The rust converter converts rust into a black barrier that has inert qualities. Applying the rust treatment on steel prevents corrosion from spreading out from the specific surface. Before applying the rust converter, ensure you remove any loose rust or scale layers from the surface. You can also prepare the area using a sponge or paint-brush before application. Since Gempler’s RCQ comes in small quantities, it is ideal for small rusted surfaces.

Gempler’s RCG can work as a primer or rust converter. This means that you can apply paint on any other surface on top of the product. You may have problems trying to cover the black surface that is left after using this rust converter. Try coating the surface more than once to achieve opaqueness. Give the surface at least 48 hours for it to dry before painting it or applying any other substance on it.

If your skin is exposed to this rust converter, you may easily wash it out with water and soap without worrying about harmful reactions. The bottle can even be recycled. A small amount of this substance can spread up to 125 square feet during application.


  • It is water-based
  • Eco-friendly

What we liked

  • It is not harmful to the environment
  • A small amount goes a long way

5. Mar-Hyde One-step Rust Converter

Rust Converter Primer Sealer

A rust converter that comes in the form of a can allows you to spray at a corroded surface from any angle. Choosing one step primer-sealer gives you such convenience.  You only need prior preparation before using this rust converter.

Use a wire brush to take out any loose rust or scales on the corroded surface before applying the rust converter. The amount of preparation you do before applying this rust converter will determine if you need to sand the sealed surface.

After smoothening out the rust, you can now apply the product with ease. Spraying one step primer-sealer on a rusted surface leaves a black barrier that prevents further corrosion from developing. Ensure that the application goes at least an inch beyond the rusted region so that the rust does not form along the sealer’s edge.

The primer takes about 48 hours before it dries. After this, you can apply any other material or paint on the surface. You may have to apply more than a single coat based on the color of paint that the surface initially had. Experts recommend that you should use an oil-based paint instead of a water-based one since the rust converter itself is formed from water-based materials.

You can use one-step primer-sealer on different metal surfaces. Use a face mask when spraying this rust converter on surfaces so that you don’t inhale it. It contains fine particles that can be airborne as you spray it. Ensure you use it in an area that is well ventilated since it has a strong smell that can cause nausea.


  • It is water-based
  • 10 oz.

What we liked

  • You can spray it easily into hard to reach surfaces
  • Can be used in different applications
  • It works as expected

6. Plastikote Rust Converter

Organic Materials

Rust Converter Plastikote

If safety is your priority, you need to choose a rust converter that may not put you in harm’s way. Choosing Plastikote can guarantee that since it is non-flammable and not toxic. Since this rust converter does not contain any hazardous chemicals, it protects not only you but also the environment.

Applying this rust converter is easy since foaming does not occur as the chemical breakdown takes place. You don’t need to perform sanding after using the rust converter. Once you have applied Plastikote on a rusted surface, you should wait for it to dry then apply an oil-based paint to restore the color of the surface.

Since this rust converter does not come in aerosol form, you can store it in a shed or a garage without worrying about someone tampering with it. What makes Plastikote unique and different from other brands is that it does lead to bleed through staining on a rusted surface. This means that during conversion, the substance does not interfere with the coats of paint that surround the area.

You can, therefore, use it conveniently on automobiles that come with different colors. If the brake lines of your car show rusting signs, you can reverse this using Plastikote. Though it comes in a small bottle, you only need a small amount of the substance on brake lines. If your skin gets in contact with this rust converter, it may not leave any resins on the surface.


  • It contains organic materials
  • Quantity: 8 oz.

What we liked

  • It is safe
  • The rust converter is multi-functional

7. Permatex Rust Converter

Permatex Rust Converter

Users of rust converters like identifying with brands that have a good reputation in the industry. That is why many people consider Permatex as one of the best rust converters available. The company behind this product is known for producing high-quality substances and chemicals which can be used for different purposes at home and work sites. Its years of experience in production make it a trusted brand in the market.

Permatex rust converter is one of the products that contain unique characteristics that make it stand out from other competitor brands. Its authentic formulation makes it an efficient rust converter that can eliminate all the rust that metallic appliances accumulate. You can easily apply the formula to the affected area using a brush or by spraying it directly.

Like other rust converters, Permatex makes rust inert and prevents it from spreading to other areas. The chemical reaction that takes place during the application gives the corroded surface a black color, which can be enhanced using paint.

Apart from being a rust converter, Permatex can also act as a protective primer. You can combine the composition of this substance with body filler and fiberglass. Use the formula in temperatures that range between 10-32 degrees.


  • Weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Works under a specific temperature range

What we liked

  • It is a good protective primer
  • Easy application

8. Rustzilla Rust Converter

Simple To Use

Rustzilla Rust Converter

While most of the rust converters need a lot of prep work before application, Rustzilla comes with a one-step application process. If you have never used converters to remove rust on metals, you should consider this brand due to its simple application.

This rust converter can also save your money and time since it eliminates the need for processes such as sandblasting before and after application. Apart from getting rid of rust, Rustzilla seals the surface to prevent it from forming more rust. Avoid using a water-based paint on the surface since this can react negatively with the seal.

Rustzilla works well on all metal types, including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. If you a farmer, you can apply this rust converter on food troughs and other equipment. Since it is eco-friendly, it cannot pose any harm to your animals.

The manufacturer does not include any bases or solvents in the formula. They also try to boost safety by creating a non-flammable rust converter that is free of harmful toxins. You get to test the effectiveness of this product since your purchase comes with money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can get back your funds within 30 days after buying it.

Many users like the results they get from applying Rustzilla on rusted areas. It does not leave any residue behind, making it easy to clean. You should, however, give enough time to dry before cleaning and painting the applied surface.


  • Contains organic materials
  • Works well on cast iron and stainless steel

What we liked

  • It does not contain harmful toxins
  • Cleaning the applied area is easy
  • The manufacturer has a refund policy

9. Evapo – Rust Converter

Evapo Rust

This was one of the first rust removers to be invented. It is a water-based substance that is made from biodegradable materials. Unlike rust converters that come with lousy smells, this is a non-toxic substance that does not smell bad. It does not contain any acids, bases or solvents, nor does it release harmful fumes to the atmosphere.

Evapo-Rust is a safe rust converter that you can apply on both rusted and unrusted metals. You can use it on iron cookware, sewing machines, antiques, and even auto parts. It is also reusable based on the thickness of rust on a surface.


  • It is water-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Quantity: I gallon

What we liked

  • It does not pose any harm
  • You can reuse it on even household items

10. FDC Ultra Rust Converter

Rust Converter Ultra

Are you in search of an economical rust converter? You should choose FDC ultra, which is a pocket-friendly substance that appeals to different budgets. This can save you time and money.

It works on rust on a surface and seals out any moisture that causes more rusting. A small amount of this substance can cover up to 500 square feet.  You can use it on machinery, household tools, marine applications as well as railings.

Use a sponge or brush for you to apply this substance on a rusted surface. It only requires a one-time application since the rust converter performs effectively without the need for repeated use.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon
  • Weight: 8 pounds

What we liked

  • You can use it in different areas
  • You get a money-back guarantee for the product

Finding the Best Rust Converter

Before you go shopping for a rust converter, you should have in mind the following factors.

New Rust Converters

The method of application

Since most of the rust converters come in liquid form, knowing how each brand can be applied is crucial. Such formulas are applied through brushing or spraying. Water-based rust converters need some preparation. If you choose this type, you should avoid making the solution too thin since it can drip off the surface as you apply.

Drying time

Though most of the rust converters take more than 24 hours to dry, some dry faster than others. Try to compare each product and see how quickly it dries so that you can choose one that is convenient for you. As you think about the drying time, you should also look at how easy it is to clean a rust converter from the applied surface.


A good rust converter should only be used once. Choose a formula that delivers durability and excellent seal. You can find out this information by going through the active agents that make up the rust converter.


You have to find out how harmful a rust converter can be before purchasing one. The best products contain little to no toxins at all. Such products reduce the risk of being flammable. The ingredients can help you know the level of toxicity in a rust converter. One that contains chemicals such as acids and bases can affect your skin.


The best rust converter eliminates rust and also seals the surface from further damage. Though different brands exist, comparing them can help you find one that works well for you. That is why we have reviewed every product you should know about and discussed crucial factors to look out for as you choose a rust converter. It is time to make an informed decision based on the knowledge you have acquired from this. All the best!

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