Supertech Oil Review – Who Makes it (& How Good is it?)

You have probably seen the supertech oil at Walmart at some point. But how good is, considering the low price? Let's find out!

Supertech Oil Review

Almost every car owner knows how important oil is for the car. Adequate lubrication keeps the car’s mechanical components in good shape and helps keep these parts running for a long period of time.

Every car owner also understands the importance of putting the right amount of oil in the vehicle. Putting too much or too little oil can cause problems within the mechanical components. Besides oil specification and amount, it is also necessary to consider what brand you are opting for and the quality of the oil.

There are a lot of options available on the market but the cheapest product is Supertech.

There is a lot of speculation in the automotive world regarding who makes Supertech Oil and why it is available cheaply compared to its competitors. In this article, we will look at some vital information regarding Supertech Oil.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Supertech Engine Oil

The Supertech oil is made by Warren Oil Company, Inc., one of America’s largest independent lubricant manufacturers. You can easily spot WPP written at the bottom of the Supertech Oil container.

You will find several online forums discussing where Supertech Oil is made and what company produces it.

Supertech oil is an oil from Walmart, but you can often find it in other places like Amazon. If you want to check it out on Amazon, you can do it here. Remember that it’s important to choose the right engine oil for your engine.

How Good is the Quality of Supertech Oil?

Engine Oil

Supertech Oil is probably one of the cheapest motor oils available on the market, because of which people are concerned that it may not be of top quality. However, that is not the case, and in fact, Supertech Motor Oil complies with all the government’s standards and requirements, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

Moreover, since Supertech Motor Oil is a licensed dexos 1 brand, your vehicle warranty will not be void if you use the brand. Check the specifications for your car model to ensure that the engine oil has the requirements you need.

If you have an older car that you want cheap and reliable engine oil for, Supertech is a great choice.

Supertech vs Competitors

Mobil1 Engine Oil

One of the most popular motor oils available on the market is Mobil 1, which is highly regarded by many auto specialists due to its quality and durability. Moreover, Mobil 1 is the official motor oil for Nascar and has been promoted and authorized by many automotive specialists and racing experts. Due to its popularity and association with NASCAR, Mobil 1 is a lot more expensive than Supertech Oil, but are there any differences in terms of quality?

We cannot truly say whether both the oils are identical, but it is a fact that they share many similar characteristics. For instance, both Supertech and Mobil 1 are synthetic oils. Both of them are licensed by Dexos 1, both fully comply with the government’s safety standards and regulations, and both are considered perfect for gasoline engines.

The major difference between the brands is that Mobil 1 costs almost double compared to Supertech, so people usually consider the former superior.

Does Brand Matter When Buying Motor Oil?

Many people have a misconception that more famous brands have better quality motor oil, and they usually pay a lot just for the brand name. This may not be true, and a recent analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories indicates that all motor oils are interchangeable.

This means that as long as you choose the oil which meets the weight and technical requirements of your vehicle, it does not matter so much which brand you choose.

More expensive oil may cause your engine to hold up slightly longer though and not cause as much engine sludge.

Supertech Oil Price

Supertech Motor Oil can be easily bought from Walmart at an average cost of $20 (pricing for the Supertech full synthetic SAW 5W-30 motor oil). The pricing varies according to the grade and the amount you are buying. You can also compare the pricing with eBay.

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